an average patriot said...
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an average patriot said...

Sorry typo! Bush said he is a smart man and likes him. Here we go again but his friend Putin still runs the country from his position. as you point out Medvedev is merely a figurehead! Good picture by the way!

BBC said...

You know, Karen. Sometimes I just have to remind myself that I have carried that torch enough and that it's time to pass it on to someone else, that I am not alone and need a break at times.

That is why even though in old posts I bitched plenty about it all at times I have to get into different areas. Besides, I think much like Einstein did about such things and few understand me.

But he was right, and things won't change until others understand that, if they ever do. Nationalism and patriotism are just plain stupid.

We are one world, one peoples, oh hell, never mind. Just go vote for the next patriotic moron you want to vote for.

Fred said...

I wonder of Bush looked in his eyes and saw his soul, too?

Karen said...

patriot~ figurehead, go figure! :o)

bbc~ Having an 'Einstein' pres, now that would be exciting.

fred~ do you think he would know what one looked like? :o)