Diane said...

And some of us should be more free than others?

BBC said...

So, I hope that things are going okay with you.

Jack K. said...

"There ought to be limits to freedom..." An intersting concept. What should we limit?

We could limit (eliminate) the following:

the freedom to-

be poor;

kill others we don't agree with;

hate all others who are different from us;

force our beliefs on others;

rape, pillage and loot with impunity;

leave children behind under the guise of NCLB;

be derogatory in our comments about those whose beliefs are so horribly different from our own.

These are but a few of possibilities. I invite others to come up with their own list.

W just may be on to something.

sage said...

there ought to be limits to his freedom...

Jolynn said...

I love those! If you have any more post them. I think they are so perfect.

Diane said...

jack k - amen!

Shephard said...

Amazing how many people choose to close their ears and not hear the words.

onandon said...

In the land of the free????

Karen said...

thx everyone for your comments!

Mehrdad said...
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