What does “supporting the troops” mean to you?



Carmi said...

Good question. It has to extend well beyond sticking a magnetic bow on the back of the car.

In places where there are military installations, it means helping families whose loved ones are serving. It means doing unto others and you'd like done unto you.

Simple stuff, really, but oh so important when people are dying for reasons that aren't fully articulated.

Karen said...

Supporting them financially and emotionally and respecting the fact that these brave men and women have volunteered to put their lives on the line for us.

It means it doesn't matter whether we agree with them being deployed or not, we back them up and never forget them - ever. It means patting them on the back and helping them any way we can. They are fighting for us, let's be worthy of their sacrifice.

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onandon said...

When they come back from somewhere they didn't want to be, to give the them best of everything... medical care, housing, employment and financial/emotional support.

Paul said...

I have the same poster--almost--on my blog this weekend. I'm here from Michele's.

BBC said...

Sorry, but I think like Einstein did. I can't support people that are stupid enough that they go fight that war for George.

If they would just all say no, he wouldn't have anyone to do that for him.

Karen, they are not putting their lives on the line for us, they wasn't trying to do anything to us in the first place.

Our capitalists and greed is what gave us 9/11, if we don't want those things to happen then we shouldn't let our capitalists make the rest of the world ticked at us.

In short, we asked for it. Well, maybe not you, but if you think it out you will understand what I mean. Hugs.

PI said...

Karen and onandon cover my sentiments exactly - especially the after care - as it were. I hate war but respect and honour the men who have given their lives - particularly in WW1 and 2 that we may be free.
Michele says hi!

Liza said...

Supporting the troops means not "wasting" them (a popular word during the Vietnam War). You waste people's lives when you ask that they die for the political agenda of the ruling elite, an agenda that has nothing to do with reason, necessity, or justice.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It also means not fforgetting them when they come home, sometimnes injured.

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panthergirl said...

My support means fighting to get them home from a quagmire of a war. I lived through Vietnam... it's deja vu all over again.

Peace is patriotic. Protect our troops by getting them out of an untenable situation.

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Liza said...

Who is Michele?

R. Sherman said...


Thanks for stopping my my site.

I live out in the weeds. We've got a Missouri National Guard Armory in our county and a the company headquartered there recently got back from 17 months in Iraq building roads, schools, sewer plants, etc. (They're all engineers.)

I have no problem reporting the bad about this war, provided that the good things these women and men do are reported, too.

Anyway, cheers.

Karen said...

Great answers everyone!

btw, liza... scroll down on the right hand side under ~KEWL BLOGS~ and there you'll find Michele.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Hey Karen...Did you leave a question/statement over at Rosie's blog a few days ago? It was someone named Karen and it sounded like you...I like her blog a lot...Very much against the war but for the troops, and I agree, as I know you do!
What a mess this all is....Terrible really, in every way.

Shephard said...

It means helping families mourn and deal with grief.