Rudy Giuliani in a dress: Will voters care?
Republican presidential candidate, former NYC mayor could face backlash.

'NEW YORK' - It is difficult to shock New Yorkers, yet Rudy Giuliani teetered close to the line when he sauntered onto a stage wearing a platinum-blond wig, a face full of makeup, dainty white gloves and a frilly pink gown filled out in all the right places.


Shephard said...

Speaking for a more accepting demographic, even I don't care, and won't be swayed by any attempt to cross-jest.

Michele says hello!

Miss said...

Platinum blond is so last season. :)

Miss said...

(P.S. Michele sent me. Sorry.)

The Turmanators said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, republican bashing! Michele sent me.

craziequeen said...

This was 10yrs ago! And it was a legitimate stage show! And Rudy has since more than proved his mettle in the aftermath of 9/11....

Shame there's no 'real' news for journalists to write about....

Michele sort of sent me (I was supposed to go to Amy Kay Turman...ooh, I wonder if that's her blog there on your comments..?)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Wasn't that in "Victor Victoria"? And I believe that is Miss Julie Andrews dressed as a man! Well, this is not what bothers me about Guilliani...in fact, it proved he had some kind of a sense of humor...!

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Diane said...

I gotta say that although I won't vote for him, I hope Rudy gets the GOP nomination. Me thinks he is the lesser of the potential Republican evils

Oracle said...

Don't know him ? but lat time I checked he was causing climate change by wearing a dress so let him be ;)

Here via Michele's

no offence but he seems to be no harm

Karen said...

shephard~ me either! :o)

miss~ *giggle*

turmanators~ backacha!

cq~ that's msm for ya. was wondering how long it was going to be before the story surfaced.

ooloth~ yes, yes, and yes!

diane~ lesser of the evils, indeed... I AGREE!!

oracle~ "he was causing climate change by wearing a dress"


sage said...

He's ugly as a man and a woman! The guy can't win.

Diane said...

Hello, Michele sent me.

(yes, I was already here!)

kenju said...

He just looks tacky to me....LOL

Karen, thanks for the suggestion. She lives 60 miles south of here, so putting it in MY church bulletin wouldn't help. However, we could try to get a local church there to do it. That's a good idea.

Karen said...

sage~ hope you're right but i go along with diane that he is the lesser of the potential Republican evils.

diane~ welcome back, girlfriend! :o)

kenju~ thank you for letting me know. church bulletins have been known to be very helpful tools.

BBC said...

We have a dress code here, but not all of us want to wear dresses.

But I don't care if he acts up some in harmless ways.

I would consider doing that for some event but I don't know shit about makeup. LOL