Just don't get it, I mean I just DO NOT get it! Did I say I don't get it, because I JUST DON'T! WTF is so great about EBay!?!

I find it boringboringboring!! Somebody pu-leeze help me with this...

WHAT IS SO GREAT ABOUT EBAY!!! Because I just don't get it!!

'k. rant. over.

psst! I still don't get it!!


sage said...

I brought a stuff animal on ebay--that right, when my daughter was two and lost her "little lamb" I found another (and another, just in case!)

I have also bid on some historical documents on the American West, but the bidding always went too high for what I wanted to pay

sage said...

you haven't been looking for civil war artificts on ebay have you?


Karen said...

sage~ guess if a person is looking for a *jewel*, ebay would be it. other than that, i wouldn't spend time glued to my monitor biding on certain things i could buy quickly online from legit company.

saw this segment last night on Charles Gibson where this guy had a business on ebay. this particular scene showed him wrapping up a razor ready to ship out that he bought for $10 and sold for double...

again, just don't get it.

bronxbt said...

wasn't sure which of yer blogs to write back to, but thanks so much for your kind words on my site regarding our recent fuzzie-loss.

MUCH appreciated, and i know wifee will also get a lot out of it since she's been checking daily for more friends/affirmations from others that we/she did the right thing by our Chasey.

thanks. >> hugs <<


Karen said...

B~ ♥hugs backacha♥

Diane said...

karen - you simply must join the cult of ebay - it is fabulous . . . I love to knit and do mosaic work, so I buy a lot of yarn and tiles on ebay for less than I can get them in stores. It also allows you to find things that are discontinued or no longer available in stores.

What is good, is that you find literally anything you might want to buy, without searching fruitlessly through stores etc. It is a buyer beware environment, but I have generally had a lot of good luck and have participated in probably about 200 transactions.

Karen said...

diane~ i would be more interested in selling on ebay and haven't heard from anyone on that yet.

but if i ever need a *jewel*, i might give it a try.

kenju said...

I don't go on ebay much - maybe 3-4 times in the last 3 years, but my daughter sold a lot of stuff on ebay and it is fun to watch an auction on something you are selling. It is amazing how high it will go sometimes.

Michele sent me.

Becky68 said...

You got me! I bought 2 seperate cell phones there for my daughter & one didn't work at all (they lied to me about what software was burned in the phone!) the other was ok. I also don't see the excitement of bidding, I just want to pay what the price is & get on with my life!
Here from Micheles.

Karen said...

kenju~ hmmmm, fun and not boring. i might have to rethink. :+)

becky68~ "I just want to pay what the price is & get on with my life!"

bingo! if that was available, i would go; but to hang on my monitor for hours to watch paint dry is just not me!

Chelle A. said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. I'd much rather just buy whatever item I want, and be done with it.

Stuff on ebay is usually a little cheaper, but they nail you on the shipping.

Nope, I don't get it either :) .

Here from Michele's,

Karen said...

chelle~ i think it's the *thrill of the chase* some people find exciting.

Liza said...

Karen, I find it just unbelievable that you don't "get" Ebay. What better way to save the earth, my friend? Ebay enables people to recycle stuff on a national, even international level as opposed to the extremely time consuming and inefficient local garage sale or swap meet.

I started collecting 4" midcentury ceramic collies about a year ago. Well, if all I could access were the ones in my neighoborhood, I would have exactly one right now. Not exactly a collection. Thanks to Ebay I have about 10 sitting on my dresser and I enjoy them immensely.

Karen, I can't tell you who I'm quoting but I remember someone saying, "If we can clean up our closets maybe we can clean up the world." This is all part of living green. When something of value is no longer of use to you, put it back into the market.

And that is why I like Ebay.

Karen said...

liza~ kEwL!

usually *recycle* my "junk" to Goodwill but now i have another option.

Ramona said...

I can't say that I am all over Ebay either. Although, I supppose that if you are patient, sooner or later you are going to find a deal. I prefer finding my own junk at rummage sales, or garage sales.
Here via Michele's!

Karen said...

ramona~ rummage sales, or garage sales are two great options!

Carmi said...

Because people like to buy crap. I don't know why, but they do.

It's a byproduct of a consumerist society.

Anonymous said...

I've bought a few things from ebay several years ago. It wasn't a bad experience and I did have fun watching the auction near the end. Winning the bid at a price I was willing to pay was fun. But I lost interest pretty fast. Too much trouble and risk I think.

Michelle sent me. Have a great weekend!

carina said...

I love eBay!!! I don't sell or buy THAT much but have found some great deals. I only go looking if I'm trying to find something specific, can't be bothered "windowshopping."
Here's what I do. A book comes out in hardcover and I really want to read it, don't want to wait for the papareback version. I have bought new books at Borders ot wherever, using coupons and have pretty much made my money back on eBay if it's an in-demand book.
I also made a significant chunk of money selling some 1930s Buick shop manuals I got for free...never expected I'd make about $600 on those!
Someone I know down in Fenton who owns a consignment shop sold a piece of scrimshaw for over $16,000 last month. She paid about a grand for it.

Karen said...

thx everyone for your input... MUCH APPRECIATED! :+)

onandon said...

I'm with you!