sage said...

Save us!

Last week on the Daily Show, they had the funny section where an "expert" was suggesting that Bush was trying to build his legacy--since he's screwed up so much he was working on not only being the worst president, but the last one!

BBC said...

Sage, save us from what? Ourselves? Americans created this mess, you can't just blame a stupid preznut for all these problems.

Go look in a mirror if you want to see some of the problem. And for fuck sakes, shave while you are there, you look like a monkey, ha ha ha.

About him being the last preznut is an interesting statement though, for reasons I won't try to explain in a comment post.

You look pretty stout, get your ass over here and help me move these shipping crates. I have beer.
And while you are at it trim those nose and ear hairs, I can't stand looking at that crap.