It is your choice



an average patriot said...

That is excellent! When you look at something like that you just have to wonder how the hell anyone could vote for the right unless they are lying benefiting Fascists too!

sage said...

I just hear a report that McCain is suspending his Michigan operations!

an average patriot said...

Good I wish he would suspend hie lying childish underhanded run, the Bastard!

BBC said...

I just read that Palin held her own in a debate with Biden. Whatever, it's just a bunch of political monkeys fucking around and my life won't change a tick no matter who gets in office next.

I've decided to stop worrying and fussing about it all being as in the long run it will have little effect on the rest of my life.

Diane said...

According to McCain, their plan is working, and they have lured Obama into spending money in Indiana and NC, and now that he is leading in those formerly GOP strongholds, they are going to swoop in and keep the states red.

Well done, boys.