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BBC said...

You don't really see the problems so you can't fix them.

Screw it... We’re doing fine over here at Polly’s Honky Saloon and Whorehouse, Americans don’t use common sense anymore, so they deserve the mess they are in. You have to be more than just educated, you have to be smart, you also have to be wise.

They live on credit for so many things instead of saving the money up for them. Yup, they’ve pretty much just fucked themselves over. And deserve the fucking they are going to get if you ask me. Single women are really going to be hurting because they want so much on credit, and the women that have sucked their mates into deep debt have just pretty much suckered them in because the men didn’t say, NO!!

Oh well, I’m not with a member of The Insane Chicks Society (TICS), and I’m thankful for that. I’ll get through this just fine.

BTW, I do have a low income, but everything is free and clear and my credit rating is at the top of the chart. I’m surrounded by fucking idiots that think I’m stupid. :-)

One last note, the greedy money monkeys are always more than willing to fuck over the other greedy money monkeys. It’s a monkey eat monkey world at the top of that pile. It’s why I have never put a penny in stocks and so called retirement investments. If I want to turn a few bucks I have my own safe ways. But what the hell, others think I’m stupid, go figure.