an average patriot said...

I hate the Republicans criticizing Democrats for doing something they are doing. It is Bush's hallmark!
Anyway McCain keeps stupidly criticizing Obama for wealth redistribution while under Bush we have had the largest wealth redistribution the world has ever seen! The hypocrisy is debilitating seeing it every day in every instance!

BBC said...

Mirrors. That's all they are.

Patriot, my friend (I hope), you are still being an idiot. The only wealth you have to worry about distributing is your own.

Do that in wise ways and you will continue to get by just fine. I always have.

The harder it gets, the tougher I get. If I have to live under a tree I will be okay with it. Been there, done that, it was okay.

Karen said...

patriot~ Hypocrisy, among other hateful things, is what fuels the McBushies on a daily basis.

bbc~ "an idiot"... I wouldn't insult any of my blogger friends by calling them McBush names.

Jack K. said...

It's sad, but expected, to see that the McCainiacs missed the point. Or, did they?

Nothing like smoke screens.