What a great news day... Colin Powell Endorses Obama & Obama Raises $150 Million In September!!



Fred said...

150 million. Holy cow.

an average patriot said...

Huge, Huge!

BBC said...

The money raised and spent on political campaigns, it's shameful, what a stupid system.

So what are you going to blog about after the elections? I don't think that you are going to be able to blog about how wonderful things are getting again, cuz I don't think they will for a long time.

At least some are finely admitting that we are in a recession. Duh !!!

I just returned from four days of camping, I wish I could have just stayed out there.

sage said...

$150 million is huge, but I still don't like it that he decided to change the rules and raise cash instead of using public financing like he'd originally hinted at doing.

Jolynn said...

That is awesome, awesome, awesome. I love it!