Kudos to 'Left Of Centrist'


an average patriot said...

That is cool! I hope his ship sinks!

Fred said...

I voted yesterday. It's all over for me.

sage said...

A good one!

Karen said...

patriot~ Think Titanic!

fred~ Wanta share? :o)

sage~ For the bad ones!!

BBC said...

I'm turning in my voting ballot in the morning at the courthouse. We vote that way here, they send us the ballots in the mail and we fill them out and mail them back or take them to the courthouse.

I of course voted for the lessor of two evils, Obama.

But I've been giving that a lot of thought. For sixty-five years I have not depended on any political party or presidency to make my life work for me.

Or any bankers or stock markets, I've just always depended on myself to get by okay, and I have done okay at that.

So I'm wondering why in recent years I've been getting worked up about this crap when it has little effect on my life anyway.

Yeah, screw it all, my life just keeps chugging along and I have a roof over my head and food in my gut, and my camping.

And I don't see that changing in the future no matter who gets in office or what other things change.

I'll just keep on keeping on.