The Phoenix said...

Clinton was a President I actually liked, despite a little impeachment controversy. The guy had charisma for sure.

However, there are two areas where I believe Clinton is not deserving best President:

1) Bin Laden. He didn't do very much as far as fighting terrorism. A missile launch here and there, and that's it. Intelligence was seriously lacking under Clinton's tenure, and they lost track of Bin Laden. I think it's his lack of making sure Intelligence was continually recruiting new officers and keeping tabs on dangerous people like Bin Laden.

2) During his tenure, all of these companies inflated their stock values and made their employees invest their futures on this inflated values. The government pretty much let CEOs and corporations operate like this - until it all came crashing down, and sending our country into another recession.

Karen said...


1) They had BL in their sights and didn't pull the trigger but at that time Clinton was so busy fighting Ken Starr that is was politically impossible for him to start anything. Also, bush had his chances earlier in the Afghan war by letting the warlords go after BL instead of going after him themselves... (they were too busy planning the Iraq war).

2) Clinton didn't have anything to do with how companies did business. Wall Street repubs would have been jumpin' up and down screaming if Clinton had tried to ruin their party. It was all about CEO greed.

btw, bush's amnesty plan for immigrants is all about providing cheap docile labor to Wall Street repubs.

CROAK said...

Wot no pictures of our Lil Johnny sucking up to your Georgie porgie???Gee and I thought Australia was real good friends with you lot.... maybe just maybe we don't figure on the radar. Pity our folks just don't get that!!!

The Phoenix said...

Clinton had BL in his sights for mere seconds. I know for a fact, Intelligence lost him. My source is a retired Intelligence officer. Manpower was lacking, and Clinton's administration ignored pleas for more money to track dangerous people like BL.

Again - we absolutely lost track of the guy, and put a $1MM bounty on his head as a result.

The federal government has put in place legislation to help prevent another Enron. CEO greed will always exist, but at the very least, we can give employees more choices in what vehicles to invest their retirement money in.

Like I said, Clinton was a good president. But I just wouldn't give him the title of "best."

I think Gore would've done a pretty good job as well, in succeeding him.

puppytoes said...

i miss him...

(perhaps i've mentioned that before??)