Thought when I returned that just maybe *sanity* would have also returned to this world; silly me! From one of my fav 'blogger sites'...Quoting the Bible?
"I just received a copy of a complaint about my design, claiming that my use of "love thy neighbor" infringed upon someone's trademark. CP wisely pointed out to the complaining person that the words "love thy neighbor" originate from the Bible.

What was ironic about the complaint was that the person felt it necessary to mention being "offended" because my products "promote homosexual activities" and "tarnish" the "good name" of the complainant. Ah, yes, we always do eventually get around to the heart of the matter, don't we?

The complaint kind of proves my point. Love thy neighbor, except for" . . .

Kudos to 'jc's designs'...


CROAK said...

Brilliant stuff.
Oh how we need more like you and less of the other silly billies.
They must have a very strange and warped sense of what 'love' is and means.

Keep it up!!!

Jack K. said...

"Love thy neighbor as thyself". A noble, wonderful, truthful statement to use as a guide for one's life.

If I go about behaving in hateful ways, what does that say about my relationship with self?

Hmmm, I wonder.

The Phoenix said...


That just boggles the mind.

puppytoes said...

i never cease to be shocked by the narrowmindedness of some people! shocked... and oh-so-amused!

and, isn't it just like you... to stir up trouble on your *first* day back? yes, yes it is! hee hee! THANK GOD! hope you had a wonderful time on your vacation (you were missed)! : D

sabatkes said...

I love this everytime I see it.

Eli Blake said...

Sort of reminds one of the European Inquisition, in which accused 'heretics' were forced to sit locked into a metal chair while their feet were poking through a grate above hot coals and were cooked while they were alive. Also, they had the rectal pear (a metal device inserted into the rectum which would then be expanded like an iron balloon through the use of a screw and blow up until it was almost a foot across and had destroyed the victim's rectum), the oral pear (same concept, put into the mouth), the 'wheel' (victim's bones broken so they could be nailed with their arms and legs fastened inside a wagon wheel which was then suspended from a metal chain), the iron maiden, the use of splints to slowly remove nails, specialized 'pliers' made for ripping off men's genitalia and women's breasts, and neck screws, cutting out of tongues, ears and poking eyes out with hot pieces of metal-- as well as methods which required no special equipment, such as ripping off of eyelids and lips, smashing teeth, beatings, rapes, crushing testicles, and breaking fingers and toes; and sometimes even forcing victims to inflict these punishments upon other victims,


What is happening today may be less violent, but the mentality of it is the same-- the belief that if one is saved, then one is appointed the 'keeper' of morality and is fully authorized to persecute people whose beliefs or lifestyle is not in keeping with what you believe, and to do it in the name of God.

Eli Blake said...

And, obviously the complainant you cite is someone who spends more time 'defending' the Bible than reading it.

Jack K. said...

Amen, Eli! Amen!

Karen said...

croak~ thanks but wish there wasn't the *need* for this stuff.

jack~ good analogy.

phoenix~ never thought of it that way!

puppytoes~ good to be back and...look out trouble, here i come to try and save the day! :)

sabatkes~ it tells a story, eh?

eli~ well, there goes my breakfast... lol!

jack~ ditto!

Fred said...

I'm sure someone will try and sue the Pope for copyright infringement. Just give it time.

Jolynn said...

Isn't it funny how people act. This morning I was listening to the radio complaining they had 'to turn the station' because of the offensive matter. Apparently they radio had a game going that offended these people. They also noted how the radio station was so well rounded. Well rounded except when they're offended by something. Give me a break! And welcome back.

Karen said...

fred~ that i gotta see! :)

jolynn~ radio stations gotta appease the idiots, eh!?!

It's good to be back in the fray! {grin}