Who Does He Think He's Kidding?

So, Dubya is interested in alternative forms of energy. ROFLMAO!

Kudos to 'jc's designs'


sabatkes said...

do you think Barbara Bush looks at him and wonders about "her choice"?

Jack K. said...

Sabatkes, a very interesting question.

"Where did we go wrong, GHWB?"

The Phoenix said...

I've talked about this before. Normally, I'm no conspiracy theorist, but there has been a ton of evidence that the oil and auto industries have been buying up alternative fuel/energy patents and shelving them.


Plain and simple.

Karen said...

sabatkes~ think she worships the ground he walks on, unfortunately.

jack~ *sigh*

phoenix~ greed, indeed!

puppytoes said...

we hatehatehate them and the big mother-f*cking SUV they came in. but who's surprised by dubya's inclinations... he's a failed oil "barron" for pete's sake. these are "his" people... and you know good 'n well he's gonna make sure they're taken care of before he gets impeached.

there's a FABULOUS article in the newest issue of Rolling Stone, which discusses the fact that this may be the WORST president in american history. i highly recommend it! it makes for a great read! ooooh this just gets me so mad.... hafta go now... and try to calm myself down. yeesh! : D

Karen said...

puppytoes~ i'll check out Rolling Stone; thanks for the tip. i'm with you on the hatehatehate as you probably can guess by my postings...{grin}

Eli Blake said...

It's been documented that during the first few years of his administration, Bushco cut funding for research into alt fuels.

So he's another politician who knows how to lock the barn door after the horse is gone.

sage said...

I love that elephant!!!