How America sees the world
... he, he, he

kudos to 'BlueBolt'
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The Phoenix said...

Big island...ha, that's awesome.

Sar said...

I knew there was a reason I wanted to visit Italy!

Hellpig said...

I don't get the joke?

Isn't this a accurate depiction?

margalit said...

It's so sad, but true. Have you seen the Constant Gardner? Africa IS empty acerage to the western world. Breaks my heart.

Here from Michele

Kimmy said...

Ha! Pretty good.

Here from Michele's today!

Thumper said...

:::scratches head:::

Where's Alaska go? The rest of it, well that's just how it is...eh?

Here via Michele's :)

puppytoes said...

totally funny! (sorry i didn't leave a comment earlier today when i first saw it...my bad!)

why do i think this really is exactly the way a lot of 8th graders today might label these continents/countries? (in fact, this is a copy of the map hanging up on dubya's wall in the oval office, right?) : D

Cori said...

Looks very true! Hello and michele sent me. Namaste.

Chatty said...

good one! LOL Italy is looking pretty good!

Star said...

WHy is Canada tagged "mouse heads?" Michele sent me.

ffff said...

It is still missing Tasmania and New Zealand but I am sure they don't mind!
Glad you re-posted it... keeps us thinking.
Haven't seen "Constant Gardener" Ihave only read the book. Really taught me something.

Love your "Impeach Bush" sign when your page comes up.
Love your blog!

Karen said...

phoenix~ yes it is!

sar~ *grin*

hellpig~ probably!

margalit~ Africa breaks my heart, also.

kimmy~ thanks!

thumper~ good question.

puppytoes~ right!

cori~ backacha!

chatty~ lets party!

star~ haven't the foggiest.

alison~ thanks & love yours, too!

And WELCOME everyone who stopped in for the first time from Michele's.

Im Chele In LA said...

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