Since there's
so many meme's
out in the blogsphere, I said, "why not me?" Soooooooooooooo tomorrow I will launch MONDAY MEME! You, dear internets, will be able to voice your opinions and even send me your suggestions for the following meme. I will put all suggestions in a hat (how quaint, eh) and draw the weekly winner. Your questions will then be used for the next MONDAY MEME with kudos to you, dear internet.

Ladies & Gents... start your engines and roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr on over here tomorrow! Be there or be square, eh, be (here) or be square, ya know what I mean!!!

kudos to 'jc's designs'



Hale McKay said...

Sounds interesting ... cya Monday.

Hale McKay said...

Uh ... "send suggestions for the following meme..." I followed, but no meme ...?

Hale McKay said...

Just thought I'd add this comment, so that my avatar could be viewed in 3-D.

Karen said...


3-D is soooooooooo kEwL!!

Canadian Dude said...

OK.. i'll be back tomorrow.

The Phoenix said...

Thanks for stopping by...I'll be back tomorrow

Karen said...

great! c u all tomorrow!

Jamie Dawn said...

Monday Meme? Sounds interesting especially since you will be taking suggestions. I've seem some really fun & funny ones in Blogdom.

On my comments, I have the picture icons turned off. There is another Karen. So, you are the OTHER Karen.

I scrolled down. Love that mooning Leprechaun!