Let's start with a little satire from

Andy Borowitz...

March 21, 2006 - In an effort to confuse Iraqi insurgents, the Pentagon announced today that the United States has begun bombarding insurgent positions with copies of President Bush's Medicare prescription drug plan. At a press briefing at the Pentagon, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said that the idea of confusing the insurgents with the Medicare plan was hatched last week, after Bush appeared at a series of town hall meetings at which seniors in his audience seemed thoroughly bewildered by the intricate new program. "We realized, if this prescription drug plan is that confusing in English, imagine how incoherent it would seem once it was translated into Arabic," Rumsfeld said.

As soon as Pentagon planners seized upon
the idea of using the president's plan to confuse the insurgents, Operation Incomprehensible Program was launched. According to Rumsfeld, U.S. warplanes pounded insurgent positions in the cities of Tikrit and Najaf with copies of the prescription drug plan i
n the early morning hours of Monday.

Rumsfeld said that satellite photos of those positions have been encouraging thus far, showing dozens of Iraqi insurgents reading the prescription drug plan and scratching their heads.

The Defense Secretary said he was hopeful that Operation Incomprehensible Program would leave the Iraqi insurgents totally baffled, but he hinted that the Pentagon had other tactics up its sleeve: "We are fully prepared to bombard them with copies of my press briefings."

What has Bush done to enhance your life since taking office!?!

Kudo's to 'jc's designs'


Catreona said...

Howard Dean is first!

Karen, I can't think of a better thing to do with the Medicare Drug Plan!

Karen said...

cat~ me either, LOL! :-)

Jack K. said...

He's not completely worhtless, he can, and does, serve as a bad example. lol

cat, I agree. My wife had a wonderful time figuring it out on behalf of her mother.

The only other use I can see for copies of it is for kindling.

The Phoenix said...

Holy crap, that is so funny.

I think the Bush administration has enchanced the lives of Bill Mahr, Jon
Stewart, Jay Leno, and David Letterman.

Think of all the material he was good for!

puppytoes said...

i agree with the phoenix... we've been served up endless hours of hilarity at dubya's expense (so maybe ya can get something for nothing, huh?)

sorry you couldn't get into my blogger site... that's exactly why i'm moving... sigh (still trying to figure out how to do the links, tho', which is why i'm not completely moved out yet!)
: D

Karen said...

jack~ a worthless bad example at that!

phoenix & puppytoes~ yep, one way to survive the bushies, laugh it off. at least it relieves the tension a little.

Jack K. said...

btw, I can spell worthless. See?

Karen said...

jack~ i didn't even notice it til just now! :chuckle:

jac said...

well. i think george bush has provided an example of a determined, strong, and respectable leader. do i agree with all that he does? no. do i agree that he is the best person to have brought us through the previous 5-6 years? yes.
i'm here tonight from michele's.

Karen said...

jac~ thanks for stoppin' by.

"best person to have brought us through the previous 5-6 years? yes"...

...totally disagree with you on this!