The Ten Best Things about Global Warming:
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10. Why pay for tattoos when melanoma's free?
9. No more pesky weeds. In fact, no more pesky plants.
8. Nile Encephalitis: not just for Egyptians anymore.
7. Furnaces convert easily into tornado shelters.
6. Helsinki: the new Riviera.
5. Middle East oil producers feel right at home— everywhere.
4. Golfers only need a putter and a sand wedge.
3. For those who can't get enough of global warming. One word: Venus.
2. Steaks, medium rare, on the hoof.
1. Three thongs and you're dressed!

Play along by adding your best thing about global warming in backacha!

I'll start with #11. Water skiing on Lake Michigan in January!



The Phoenix said...

See the new theory on Global Warming? The post I did on the Tunguska comet/meteor that struck Siberia is central to this new hypothesis.

They found that the mean average temperature was actually decreasing until the early 20th century.

The biggest factor in global warming is actually water vapor and ice crystals. You disrupt these clouds in the mesosphere, you get massive temperature changes.

This Russian scientist said only a massive event, like the comet striking Sibera, could disrupt the water vapor in the atmosphere - and the average mean temperature has been increasing ever since then.

It's a pretty interesting theory...

Eli Blake said...

The good news is that the dynamics of global warming are very easy to explain to people.

The bad news is that what you are discussing here is no joke, especially compared to real Republican plans for dealing with global warming-- if their activities are affecting the weather, then instead of looking at how to adjust their activities, their answer is to try and control the weather.

Karen said...

Phoenix~ your scientific view is fascinating.

Eli~ Here's what DEAD MARS, DYING EARTH had to say if you click on their link:

"So who says we don't have a sense of humor? This is our response to the announced "Celebrate Global Warming Day." While we think anyone who dismisses global warming as harmless is a certified diaperhead, even we can think of a few things to celebrate."

Sounds like they're just using humor as one of their tools to get peoples' attention.

Thanks for the links to your previous posts on the subject. Since I'm fairly new to your great site, I shall go back & thoroughly read them. After all, 'Knowledge Is Power'.

Im Chele In LA said...

ewwwww it all sounds scary..
Over from the other Michele's

OldHorsetailSnake said...

#12: Nebraska Navy.

mar said...

I loved your nr. 10. Not really, if you know what I mean. Here via Michele's. Scary issue, but very true. Nice to have visited for the first time, I have to look around now

jc said...


Graphics headed your way!

Karen said...

chele & mar~ welcome!

hoss~ huh? LOL! :)

jc~ backacha!

NikNox said...

Scary stuff... Can't think of another best tho!

Here via Michele's.


Suzanne said...

more warm places for me to live instead of just here in the south??? That was a lame attempt, but I despise the cold! Hi from Micheles.

Karen said...

niknox & suzanne~ welcome!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Really wonderful...!
How about Swimming in the melted Glacier pools in February!

Here from Michele today!

Thumper said...

I'm trying to figure out where to wear the 3rd thong...

Here via Michele's :)

Karen said...

lady & thumper~ welcome!

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