I've said it before and
I'll shout it out again, "I LOVE MY CANADIAN NEIGHBORS"! They have the balls to do what some, I should say half, of the United States would have a *tissy fit* about and that is not make a big deal about marijuana! WTF is wrong with marijuana... NOTHING!!!

Here's the story my rant came from:

"His name is Marc Emery and he is called the "Prince of Pot." He claims to have sold more marijuana seeds than anyone in the world and, to date, no one has disputed that claim. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, where the culture is rather permissive concerning marijuana. The Canadian government, for the most part, has left Emery and his business alone"...
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Canadian Dude said...

I've been following Marc Emery's story for years.

He's from my home town, London, Ontario. He was in London recently for the debut of a play called Citizen Marc: The Adventures of Marc Emery.

He was interviewed for the local paper and mentioned that he had to carefully plan his flight from B.C. to London. If the plane were to have flown over U.S. air space, it could have been diverted and forced to land in the U.S. and he would have been arrested and detained in the U.S.

Here's an excerpt on Marc Emery from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.........

Emery was born and raised in London, Ontario, opening City Lights Book Store on Richmond Street in 1975 after he dropped out of high school at age 17. Shortly thereafter, he began a three-year fight against the London Downtown Business Association for extracting mandatory fees from all core-area shops for beautification and other programs.

He first became politically active with the Libertarian Party of Canada, and ran for the Canadian House of Commons under that party's banner in the 1980 federal election. He received 197 votes in London East, finishing fourth. The winner was Liberal Charles Turner.

Emery later left the Libertarians and became an organizer for the Unparty. On January 1, 1984, he and Robert Metz broke from the Unparty to form the Freedom Party of Ontario, which still exists. Although the Freedom Party rejects the term "libertarian" for philosophical reasons, it is generally considered to be a party of the libertarian right.

In 1984, Emery also successfully campaigned against London's bid for the 1991 Pan American Games, saying the city would lose millions. Emery ran as a candidate of the Freedom Party in the rural constituency of Middlesex, near London, in the 1987 provincial election. He received 499 votes for a distant fifth-place finish. The winner was Doug Reycraft of the Ontario Liberal Party.

In 1990, Emery rented the London Regional Art & Historical Museum (now called Museum London) for his first pro-pot rally.

In 1991, Emery defied the province's Sunday shopping laws, spending time in jail. He also campaigned against London's by-law prohibiting sidewalk signs.

In 1992, he was convicted for selling copies of 2 Live Crew's rap music video which was deemed obscene. (This period of Emery's life is featured in the 1992 documentary film by Chris Doty called Marc Emery: Messing Up the System and the play, Citizen Marc: The Adventures of Marc Emery, scripted by London writers Chris Doty (who committed suicide at age 39 on February 2, 2006, two days before the play's final performance on February 4) and Jason Rip; the play was directed by John Gerry which opened in London on January 27, 2006. Emery was in attendance for the premiere.)

In July, 1992, Emery sold City Lights Book Store and moved to Sumatra with his wife and two children.

Karen said...

cd~ thanks for the *heads up* info! As I said in my post, I like him because he stood up for his beliefs & I agree with his stance on marijuana. Sounds like you're in his corner.

As you could tell by the article, I found out about this from the "60 Minutes" broadcast tonight.

dddragon said...


As if the government doesn't have bigger fish to fry?

Canadian Dude said...

I just had this nasty thought. We Canadians should start a campaign to send the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Washington, some seeds in an envelope. Just any old seeds that is. He wouldn't know what they were unless he had them analyzed. That would give him something to do besides hunt chase citizen Marc.

Karen said...

That's a great idea, cd! Maybe you could get the ball rolling in Canada. I'm just so sick of the *bush thugs* going after anything Canadian just because of their LI-BER-AL stances.

...my hubby just peeked in & said to tell you, "YOU GO GUY"!

The Phoenix said...

Canadians have the best healthcare system in the world (snicker).

I really don't know much about the whole marijuana thing. I'm on the fence. On one hand, I've met successful intelligent business people that smoke it once in awhile for fun.

On the other, I was also a high school teacher, and I swear to God my potheads were the most idiotic, stupid, and brainless beings in the world. Even smoking just plain tobacco can literally rot your brain.

I do know that smoking marijuana creates oxidation in your body, which releases tons of free radicals.

Free radicals cause aging and disease in humans...a good analogy would be leaving metal outside in the rain. Oxidation leads to rust.

Like I said, I'm pretty much undecided.

Karen said...

phoenix~ Canadian's all do have health care provided, as far as I know. It must be good because all of my husband's forty Canadian relatives are alive & well for over the 40 years I've known them.

cube said...

Legalize maru...mawa...moua...mawo...umm...
pot ;-)

Eli Blake said...

I wonder about that myself.
I mean, about all that keeping marijuana illegal has done, has been to create more criminals, prevent us from regulating what is sprayed on it, prevent us from taxing it, tie up the court system and otherwise occupy the police, break up families, help gangs and drug lords make money, cause growers to damage the environment in otherwise pristine National Forest lands, and make a lot of lawyers rich.

What benefit has it been? I mean, you can still buy it in any middle school in America. In fact, it's probably easier for kids to buy than cigarettes or alcohol because drug dealers don't card them.