quarters of Americans questioned last week —
74 percent — said they encounter profanity in public frequently or occasionally, according to an Associated Press-
Ipsos poll. Two-thirds said they think people swear more than they did 20 years ago. And as for, well, the gold standard of foul words, a healthy 64 percent said they use the F-word — ranging from several times a day (8 percent) to a few times a year (15 percent).

Like any bartender, Joe Cormack, of Fort Dodge, Iowa, hears a lot of talk. He’s not really offended by bad language — heck, he uses it himself every day. But sometimes, a customer will unleash the F-word so many times, Cormack just has to jump in.

And it’s not just at the bar. Or on TV. (Or on the Senate floor, for that matter, where Vice President Dick Cheney used the F-word in a heated argument two years ago.)..."

Ironically, Cheney and the bushie regime is the reason the F-word was introduced into my vocabulary!

What *choice* words do you use when driven over the edge!?!



Jack K. said...

Shit, fuck, damn! I learned the phrase from a former first sergeant.

The Phoenix said...

I used to cuss like a sailor, but that had to stop when I had my first child. When no youngins' are around, though, I'm able to "weave a tapestry of profanity" just as well as anybody.

My favorite curse word is "damn."

My favorite quasi-cuss word is "crap."

Karen said...

jack~ whoa...say it like it is, but then, I did ask!!!!! ROTFLMAO!

phoenix~ "weave a tapestry of profanity"...

... sounds so poetic although the profanity part doesn't. Never heard of quasi-cuss, is that alien?

My mother would say I cussed like a drunken sailor but back in those days no one used the F-word. Think the worst they said was 'God Damn It' and 'Son of a Bitch'!

Can't believe we're doing all this cussin' here today... *snicker*

Sar said...

Well shit, Karen, since you fucking asked, hell yeah I curse like a god damned sailor, but not in front of the kids. Although the little one did catch me saying dammit and she went around saying it - frankly it was adorable.

"Weave a tapestry of profanity" - that's just beautiful, Phoenix!

Sar said...

Btw, our pal Mike V is my guest today, come lend your support!

dddragon said...

yeah, this was a front page article in our local newspaper.

Karen said...

sar~ I remember when my daughter was four, she came home from the neighbors and asked what fucker was! I was mortified and so pissed at the neighbors, I sure let them have what for!! LOL!

ddd~ yep, ours, too... funny I had something else planned to post today, but saw that and thought, well, that's a 'change of pace' giving us a damn good reason to cuss today! *grin*

puppytoes said...

[phoenix... are you and i the only ones who can quote lines from a christmas story???] : P

my favorite curse word is shit. i like it because it's fucking awesome! ("fuck" runs a close second...heh heh)

the truth is, a curse word only has value when used prudently. i stopped "swearing" when my kids were young, too, tho' once they got older i found that tossing in the occasional "fuck", "shit", or "damn" would catch them off guard -- which i found useful when trying to emphasize a point! (ya should have seen my son's eyes the day i called him a "little fucker"...it was pretty funny!)

but, ya know what? say anything over and over and and over and ya pretty much become desensitized to it...

south park did an episode a couple of years ago where they used the word "shit" something like 167 times... it was hilarious, but it made the same point... after a while, no one gives a shit what words ya use!

Karen said...

puppytoes~ he, he, he...
how's that song go, "ya never can have too much fun"!!


Jack K. said...

Can't believe we're doing all this cussing here today? Yeah! Riight!

Tee hee.

And the First Segeant did say that a lot, particularly on the ocean trip to Viet Nam.

I don't use it that much, nor very loudly. I used to use the f word a lot, before I discovered my personal power and didn't need to do that to get people's reactions. Glad I passed through that phase.

Thanks for asking the question.

Karen said...

jack~ i understand that word is used very proficiently in the service, in the boys' locker rooms, um, in the girls' locker rooms, hell, even politicians aren't afraid to say it.

well i'll be damned if it isn't in the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary...

Main Entry: 1fuck
Pronunciation: 'f&k
Function: verb
Etymology: akin to Dutch fokken to breed (cattle), Swedish dialect fokka to copulate
intransitive senses
1 usually obscene : COPULATE -- sometimes used in the present participle as a meaningless intensive
2 usually vulgar : MESS 3 -- used with with
transitive senses
1 usually obscene : to engage in coitus with -- sometimes used interjectionally with an object (as a personal or reflexive pronoun) to express anger, contempt, or disgust
2 usually vulgar : to deal with unfairly or harshly : CHEAT, SCREW

Canadian Dude said...

I try to avoid the use of choice words as much as I can. My boss, however, has a very colorful vocabulary. His most common phrase is, "I don't give a flying fu*K. Now, I'm not sure what a flying fu*ck really is. Is it when you become a member of the "mile high" club?

The other commonly used phrase by him is, "I don't give a rat's ass." I haven't quite figured that one out either. Does he mean a rat's donkey or a rodent's ass?

So many questions... so few answers.

Karen said...

cd~ oh, yeah, forgot about "I don't give a rat's ass." Used to say that a lot (probably someone thought it up for shock effect).

And "I don't give a flying fu*K. i've heard that before, also, tho never used it myself. i think "mile high" club is a good description.

So many questions... so few answers.

yep, what the fuck, OOPS, couldn't help myself... gonna havta wash my mouth out with soap tonight before i go to bed. :-)

Hale McKay said...

I thought I clicked on "Karen" on my blogrol, but for some inexplicable reason I found myself on George Carlin's site listing the words you can't say on television.
...I usually try to sugar coat my swearing in public or mixed company. Trymind you. My favorite is "Go fornicate thyself." Also "Grandson of a bitch" meaning the person's mother and her mother. Also I use "you and the horse you rode in on."
...I always avoid the "C" word, though "twat" seems okay.?

Karen said...

mike~ it sure is fun to spew out the forbidden words for fun then in anger.

George Carlin's site


ffff said...

I never swore till after I had children. I then eased my way into it. I now (since the children have left home) let fly with f*** a lot because I find it relieves such tension, but now I have to stop because my husband never never swears and I am letting him and me down. So I am learning to say:" Ffffaaar out" instead. Doesn't feel the same, but anything to keep my mans respect.
Great blog subject!

Karen said...

alison~ my hubby hates when I spew out the f-word 'cause I only do it when I'm ranting at the bushies. So I try very hard not to say it. Maybe I'll try your "Ffffaaar out" instead to keep my mans respect... cute alternative.

Okay, guess we need to *knock this shit off*, YA THINK, lol!

Hel Fire said...

Lol. I remember my little brother once saying "flaming arse-cheeks!" , that made me laugh :D
As well as the words you lot have already listed, I also say "shite", "bugger", "bell end", "wanker", "bloody" and "sod it." I also invented the phrase "son of a bedsit" to describe a grotty place to live (e.g. certain university halls of residence).