In a 'speech'
at George Washington University in
the capital,
Bush delivered the first
in a series of planned speeches aimed
at convincing Americans he
has a strategy
for victory,
nearly three years after the
U.S.-led invasion.



Eli Blake said...

A week ago, George Washington was enjoying a magical season in men's basketball, ranked number 6 in the country and talking about maybe getting a 2 seed in the NCAA tournament. So, George Bush comes to town and suddenly the Colonials wake up as a number eight seed and staring into the face of a second round matchup with Duke.

George Bush has the reverse Midas touch: Everything he touches turns to crap.

If he ever announces that he is coming to your town, my advice would be to sell your home quickly and move.

Karen said...

eli~ {shudders} if he comes here & f*cks up the Pistons & Red Wings, he's dead meat!!

The Phoenix said...

What's the point? I thought it's Mission Accomplished. Let's go invade France now.

By the way - brand new study in the scientific journal Neurology: http://www.livescience.com/

Karen said...

phoenix~ so many places, so little time... chimpy mcflightsuit is on the way {{shiver}}

angel, jr. said...

Did you attend?

Sar said...

Karen - I watched it yesterday. I think there is something to trying to put a positive spin on a bad situtation, but not to the point of absurdity. Yeesh!

Sar said...

Phoenix you leave my beloved France alone! :)

Karen said...

angel~ you don't want me to *dignify* that with an answer, do ya!?! {grin}

Sar~ absurdity is an understatement with the bushies.

...and, ditto, PULEEEZE leave France alone. :o)

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Dammit! I thought this was over and done with. There's more?

Karen said...

hoss~ it's never-ending... bleak!

jc said...

Hi, Karen! I added a few more Frist "items" since you just visited.

I really like your hubby's idea! The only problem with making graphics with anything involving numbers of troop casualties is that they change so quickly. :-(

Karen said...

jc~ saw the new ones... kewl, can't keep up witcha, girl... yer too fast & good! {grin}

(sad thing on the troop casualties)

Eli Blake said...

Exactly, Phoenix.

When he gave that famous speech, the war had lasted for six weeks, at a cost of 139 Americans and $25 billion.

I figure at that rate, we have now won this war at least a dozen times, so I'm getting tired of all the re-runs. Let's go home.

Karen said...

eli~ 'getting tired'..., me too {sigh}