ABC News producer suspended over e-mail ~
Message from 2004 states ‘Bush makes me sick’...

NEW YORK - The executive producer of “Good Morning America Weekend” has been given a one-month suspension after an 18-month-old e-mail critical of President Bush was leaked to the press.

ABC News made the move Friday, though spokesmen at the network declined comment.

John Green’s e-mail dated Sept. 30, 2004, apparently was written during a George W. Bush-John Kerry debate. One read: “Are you watching this? Bush makes me sick. If he uses the ’mixed messages’ line one more time I’m going to puke.”

The e-mail appeared two weeks ago on the Drudge Report and has been the talk of the Internet. Green apologized well before the suspension occurred. He has been executive producer of the show since 2004, when it began.

You know me by now that I can't let this one pass without asking the question...




sabatkes said...

No he shouldn't have!

p.s. I voted for Feingold over here in WI and proud of it :)

Hale McKay said...

Absolutely not!!
...What ever happened to freedom of speech! The person who leaked it should be reprimanded. Next to get pistol-whipped would be the person who authorized it to be printed in the first place.
...We didn't need to know the contents of private e-mail.

Eli Blake said...


I send emails all the time expressing my displeasure with Bush. As long as it doesn't cause me to do my job with any less of a degree of professionalism (and there is no evidence that Mr. Green did his job any differently because of his personal feelings) there should be absolutely nothing wrong with sending this.

puppytoes said...

of course not... but whoever leaked the e-mail certainly should.

eli blakes's completely correct in saying that as long as mr. green didn't allow his personal opinion to slant the focus of the newscast, who cares what he thought? (and, for the record, i'd say this even if mr. green had been pro-dubya...)

sage said...

No! I think I'll boycott ABC for the next month (but that ain't much of a sacrifice for now basketball is over, I won't be watching much TV at all).

Jack K. said...

Hell, no. He probably should have been given the Medal of Truth. And if we don't have one we should invent one.

Karen said...

I agree with everyone on this.

Wonder what kinda emails are flyin' around today with DeLay's announcement!?!

puppytoes said...

e-mails with YIPPEEE! YAY!! and/or IT'S ABOUT FREAKING TIME! in the "subject" line!

(sorry to hear about your hair... rather, that the weather tomorrow will be affecting your hair... when-oh-when do ya think we can finally count of spring springin' in for good?)

BoBo Banjoey said...

All for freedom of speech but I have to say writing such an email given his position calls into question his common sense...I vote suspension for a lack of judgement.

Karen said...

bobo~ see your point; when you're at work you are representing your company so probably wasn't good judgment.

Things were very *heated* during that time and the media was being accused of being right-leaning, then left-leaning. The only true right-leaning media, imo, is fox news or as some of my liberal friends like to refer to them... 'faux news'.

Thanks for stoppin' by.

The Phoenix said...

On a personal level, everyone has a right to an opinion and everyone has a right to share that opinion be it a blog or an e-mail or whatever.

The only thing is, he's executive producer of Good Morning America Weekend. A person in the position of authority in mainstream media really shouldn't let stuff like that slip.

But it was so darn long ago, and the guy apologized...geez. I understand him get reprimanded, but suspension is probably too harsh.