First Place
Detroit Red Wings
58 wins - 15 losses -

8 overtime losses

Red Wings clinch Presidents' Trophy with League's best record

Red Wings just beat Stars 3 - 2



rgmb said...

Looks like someone's a big hockey fan, congratulations on Detroit.

I used to be a huge hockey fan also, specifically the Chicago Blackhawks, but gave it up when we moved to New York.

Karen said...

Thanks for the congrats! Yep, we are very fortunate to have the Red Wings & Pistons to cheer on this year. I'm hoping they both win their championships.

Eli Blake said...

Arizona Cardinals: stink in football.

Phoenix Suns: stink in basketball.

Arizona Diamondbacks: stink in baseball.

Phoenix Coyotes: Sting in gambling probe. It's not about Hockey, it's what did Wayne know, when did he find out, and who told him?

Karen said...


If you wanta hear stink in football, try this... Detroit Lions haven't won a championship since 1957...yes, that's right. It was *BEFORE* they changed it to the Super Bowl!

Suns woulda won last night if Nash woulda played; he's awesome!

Diamondbacks won not too long ago, if I recall. The Detroit Tigers haven't won since 1984.

Coyotes unfortunately got caught in the Wayne thingy. Just havta wait to see how that one plays out.

The Phoenix said...

And the Blues are still in last place!

Karen said...

phoenix~ sorry you're singin' the blues. :(

sabatkes said...

Love the Red Wings.. but still have a crush on my first love, the Bruins.

ffff said...

You will understand that I don't understand what this is, won't you? I just look for your good bushbashing stuff. I hope that is ok.

Eli Blake said...

OK, I've got it figured out:

January in Winslow: about 60 degrees, often t-shirt weather, when it gets cold it never lasts for more than two or three days.

January in Detroit: about 10 degrees, cold from October until March.

June in Winslow: About 95 degrees and dry. Not bad at all.

June in Detroit: About 85 degrees, but dripping humidity so it feels like a sauna bath.

Air in Winslow: Clear, you can easily see the San Francisco peaks fifty miles away and the White Mountains 75 miles away. At night you can drive five miles out into the country and see stars that you never knew existed, thousands of them. You can see the glow in the Milky Way.

Air in Detroit: Smoggy and smuggery. Can see Windsor on a good day. At night you can see the moon and a few stars. Drive fifty miles out and you might be able to see five hundred stars.

OK. Now that I've gotten that rant out at you, I feel better. You can have your @##" **%@ sports trophies.

Karen said...

eli~ where or who is Winslow?

Eli Blake said...


Winslow is the nearest 'city' (population 7,000) to where I live. The little town I live in isn't incorporated, has about 1,500 and doesn't appear on most maps.

I though you might know about Winslow if you were an Eagles fan (the band, not the team). But I guess you aren't.

The closest bigger city than that is Flagstaff, pop. 50,000. But that's an hour and a half drive from here. Or I can go to Albuquerque, Phoenix or Las Vegas in about 4 to 5 hours.

Now you know why our air out here is so nice and clear.

Karen said...

eli~ of course {slaps head}!

"Well, I'm a standing on a corner
in Winslow, Arizona and such a fine sight to see.
It's a girl, my Lord, in a flatbed Ford slowin' down to take a look at me"...