fun facts for friday...
I've been *tagged* by the kewl awesome
'puppytoes' so here goes, ew boy, think she's gonna be sorry she tagged me; the cops will know where to find me now after all these years! :giggle:

6 things you really don't need to know about me...

1. Once upon a time many moons ago, when I was young, I was a hell raiser. Let me 'xplain... I remember driving to Florida from Michigan with one of my bestest girlfriends. Every time we saw *cute guys* we had to show off, of course! One of our tricks was to change drivers, not while the car was stopped, no, what would be the fun of that!?! We did it while driving...back then most cars had bench seats so one of us slid under the other on the driver's side while car was in transport, preferably through the mountains, for effect... you know!

2. Continuing with the 'many moons ago' theme... once in Florida, oh, did we have fun! Stole empty pop and beer bottles and cans from the outside containers (one of us would be the look-out while the other was the thief). So yer wonderin' what did we
need empty bottles and cans fer, or did ya already figger it out!?! CASH, OF COURSE!!

3. Okay, one more... shhhhhhhhhhhh! puleeeeeeeeeze don't tell anyone this... after we got the goods, we hunted down the cops and took them out in the 'boonies' to makeout all night long! What didya think I was gonna say!?! {grin}

4. OH, I ALMOST FORGOT THE MONSTER!! Before we left for Florida, I stole a bottle of wine from my folks' store and we went down by the lake and drank the whole thing and then peed our pants when we saw the *monster* emerge from the lake!

5. Met Bruce Maher of the Detroit Lions at the Northway Bar in Houghton Lake... he bought us drinks all night long and I got smashed! Boy, was that fun... he was a cutie!!

6. By the way, the first 5 happened before I was married... silly you for thinking otherwise! :THE END:



sabatkes said...

What I have I learned? you need to stay out of Florida! Tht's why I like you- hellraiser!!!

Eli Blake said...

I'm a party pooper. When I get tagged, I break the chain.


Kelvin said...

Kia Ora (Hello) from a krazy blogger down under in New Zealand. What a great blog. Can I mention it on one of my blogs - 21 21 21 ???

Kyahgirl said...

naughty girl! :-)

Hey tonight, our two teams will face off. Oilers vs Detroit, Who do you think will win? We have to promise to stay friends!

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puppytoes said...

i knew there was a whole other side to you!!!


oh girlfriend, you and i would so have hung out in our youths (i think i'm a bit older than you, but hopefully that wouldn't matter!) and, after i stopped drinking...(28 years ago...) i'd have still played with ya, id have just been the designated driver!

little rable rouser, you! come to think of it... your past does explain some of your passions these days... it's just that now, instead of stealing bottles/cans for money/booze, you're taking on the "big guys" -- who want to keep our kids and their kids from living in a country where those things are still possible and/or fun! (i'm thinking those days will be long over if the christian right ever gets their way.... aieeee!)

not sure i'd have gone driving with ya, tho'.... no. that's a lie from the pits of hell. i'd have totally done that, too! : D

you rock, karen! which is something i figured out about ya a long time ago!!

Kyahgirl said...

so, we're at 2:1,in the second period.
good game eh?


Karen said...

sabatkes~ i do stay out of florida, but for different reasons now... don't like the other *eViL* bushie!

eli~ try it sometime, it's fun!

kelvin~ welcome! yes, please do mention me on your blogs.

kyahgirl~ what can i say, it was a good game... nail bitin' i tell ya!

puppytoes~ two great hell-raisin' minds think alike! tee, hee!