We're close
to the
10,000 guest visitor...
let me know
if you are
NUMBER 10,000!



sabatkes said...

That would be me! Huzzah! WhooHoo!
I'm back on-line too! What a great way to start the blogging again!

Karen said...



And *THANK YOU EVERYONE* for supporting Namaste'... I am honored!!

Canadian Dude said...

I think I missed it.

sage said...

You mean I didn't win... what didn't I win?

are you a Tiger fan too (I see the Piston and Redwing scores posted).

jc said...

w00t! Congrats on the 10,000!!!!

Karen said...

cd~ "I think I missed it"...

...but you're always one of my *honored* visitors.

sage~ tee, hee, ... you are also one of my *honored* visitors so you DID win!

*sigh* ... the Tigers, well, I'm waitin' to see if they're for real before I start posting their scores, don't want to *jinx* them. (they've been losers for so long).

jc~ Thanks! I've missed you... welcome back!!

puppytoes said...

yeesh! miss a day reading my favorite blogs... and i miss a major milestone! oh well... i'll take #10,006, thank you very much--and then i'll look forward to a shot at # 11,000 (or better yet, 20,000!!)

congrats, karen!! : D

sage said...

yeah, but the Tigers now have Jim Leyland--I was in Pgh in the late 80s when he did miracles!

Hale McKay said...

Oh, by the way it wasn't me! (Just in case you didn't know.)