AHP said...

How about...

"Proud to be an American who thinks our president is horrible."

AHP said...

Or another one...

W - still wrong, still an idiot.


ffff said...

Thank you for the lovely list. Now I will be able to tick them off as they lay in the dust of Australian life. I can see where we are headed now you have published this.
I think I should post it up at our Post Office so others can see where we are headed.
It won't be long now (or as my dad used to say IWBLN).

I am one your wave length now Karen, loud and strong! Glad you are out there.

Jack K. said...

And neocons want less government? They sure have a funny way of showing it.

Oh, I think I get it now. They want less government interference in their activities, i.e., getting more power. For neocons it is all about power and control. The money is just an incidental perk.

But that is not adding to the list, which is pretty extensive already.

Ah well, I'll ponder the issue for a while.

dddragon said...

How about full federal marriage rights for gays?

puppytoes said...

...a woman's right to choose?

...the lives lost to war we have no business fighting?

...al gore. the man who really won the election in 2000?

or better yet...

...bill clinton?

i suspect there are manymany more to be added to that list, but the one you posted is a fabulous start! : )

Karen said...

ahp~ welcome and good points!

alison~ thanks! yep, spread the word in your country, sounds like your PM is taking lessons from our idiot!

jack~ power and control, that's it but you know the saying... POWER CORRUPTS, ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY!

ddd~ yes!

puppytoes~ yes! yes! yes! and yes!

Eli Blake said...

How about:

Limits on the government's ability to spy on you.

Miranda rights.

A balanced budget, in fact a budget surplus.

Basic scientific research that put us technologically far ahead of the world (which we have now sadly lost).

Kyahgirl said...

my goodness,you ARE an Uppity woman, aren't you?

Love this list! Keep up the good work missy!

Karen said...

eli~ good additions.

kyahgirl~ thank you!