hmmmmm, any comments, captions...
loaded question, huh!?!



Hellpig said...

Here you go Dems/Libs this will ease the pain of your back to back losses.And all future short cummings you face this fall.

Karen said...

LOL hellpig!

In your dreams!!

Hale McKay said...

This stuff has got'n me in and outa lotta tight places. How do you think I slipped through in Florida?

ffff said...

I am sure he has no idea and has put it in his hair!!!

Jack K. said...

Is he telling us he is using it and then doesn't? Just a thought.

LOL, hellpig. "You can fool some of the people some of the time!"

Next time is your time.

In my dreams!

The Phoenix said...

"The truth will eventually slide outta me."

Karen said...

Hee, hee, hee everyone!

Hubby says Bush is a slippery sob and that was Reagan's secret, too. They called him *teflon Ron* but maybe he was *ky Ron*.

usedtobeme said...

"K-Y - Easing the pain for the past 7 years."

Hello, Michele sent me. Nice to meet you.

The Phoenix said...

"So this wasn't made in Kentucky?"

Kyahgirl said...

"If we use this, do you think you could help me shove my head a bit further up my a$$?"

puppytoes said...

hale mckay: HAHAHAHAHA! (that was just too funny to not comment on!)

so much comes to mind... but mostly the fact that we've been screwed by dubya ever since he took office... and, sadly, it's gonna take a hell of a lot more than KY jelly to make it easier to take. : P

great picture, karen! seriously great!! : D

Karen said...

Mike (hale)~ ROTFLMAO!

alison~ it would sound *logical* to him, wouldn't it!?!

jack~ ditto everything you said!

phoenix~ lets hope so! =snicker=

keb~ Welcome! And, good one!

phoenix~ that would be something he would think, ya think!?!

kyahgirl~ my pleasure! LOL!!

puppytoes~ i agree on hale, too funny!