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Actor Tom Cruise 'says' his Catholic-born fiance, actress Katie Holmes, has joined him as a follower of the Church of Scientology but insists that doesn't mean she can't make noise when she gives birth to their child.

Cruise, 43, addressed questions about the religious faith of his pregnant bride-to-be, the child they are expecting and Scientology's practice of "silent birth" in an ABC News television interview.

Weigh In! How do you feel about the idea of "silent birth"!?!

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Jack K. said...

Does the term BULLSHIT mean anything? I accompanied my first wife into the labor room when she gave birth. It was not very silent. What scared us both the most was a women in another room who had been in labor almost 24 hours. She was still screaming and cursing the father. I almost had my hand crushed. (Not by the women in the other room. lol)

So Mr. Cruise, and the rest of the male Scientologists, when you can bear children then you can experience silent births. Until then just keep silent about it.

sabatkes said...

I heard Katies parents were not happy about them being together. Are they married yet? I'd like to see if she will pull this off. Is he going to leave her if she makes a noise?

Kidman's credibilty increased with me the day they split.

Jolynn said...

I think a woman should be allowed to scream, grunt, yell, kick, hit bit, swear or do what ever she wants during labor. It really is our right and it hurts!! I did a lot of crying and swearing this last time.

Karen said...

Hubby said: "If TC could have his hands tied behind his back and hug from his hands for approximately 24 hours without making a peep, then he's found the right religion for him"!

jack~ your description fits my one and only birthing experience to a *tee* even the woman screaming and cursing in another room.

sabatkes~ the article refers to Katie as the pregnant bride-to-be. If you click on the word 'says' (in red) on my post, it will answer your questions.

ditto on Kidman's credibility.

jolynn~ agree with everything you said and then some! lol!

Jack K. said...

Having re-read my comment, I wish I had been a little stronger in my admonition to men like the Scientologists who support silent birthing.

Shut your freaking mouths!

There, now I feel a little bit better.

If I walk a mile in your shoes, then I can say something about your condtion. Since I chose to be male in this life and don't remember what it was like to be female and giving birth, I can only try to be supportive of women who do have the birthing experience. You all have my undying admiration and respect.

MidlifeMutant said...

Nah, I think it's okay to have silent birth as long as the father is simultaneously pushing a watermelon out his nether regions and remaining silent.

Hale McKay said...

All this about Silent Birthing is for real? All this time I thought it was trailers for "Mission: Impossible 3!"

Kyahgirl said...

utter bullshit. period.

Karen, thanks so much for the little gifts you left on my blog today :-)

Karen said...

jack~ backacha!

priscilla~ love to see that! lol!

mike~ think it was 'trailers'... hey, when a chance for free publicity arises, whatcha gonna do!?!

kyahgirl~ lovvvvvvve BD celebrations...fun, fun, fun!!