The "Party of Hate" garbage has started!

Here's what I just received in the mail from a Republican
State Rep. candidate:

Do You Believe...

...Marriage is a union between one man and one woman?

...Family is the foundation of our society?

...Killing the innocent is wrong?

...There is an alternative to abortion where everyone wins?

...By devaluing one human being we devalue all human life?

(the rest of the blah, blah, blah, pertains mostly to Michigan which is very interesting since the Republicans control the Senate and State Legislature)

...Raising taxes to fund pet projects or finance wasteful spending is wrong?

...The recent Supreme Court decision on private property rights and eminent domain needs to be addressed immediately? (so, okay, why haven't you!?!)

...Over taxation and over-regulation have hurt Michigan's economy?

...It's time for Lansing (our capital) to do with less so you can keep more of your hard-earned money? (ROTFLMAO!

Helllllllllo! you ARE LANSING!!)

...We need to safeguard the second amendment which gives law abiding citizens the right to "keep and bear arms"?

...Government was established to uphold justice and punish evildoers?

...It's not too late to MAKE A DIFFERENCE?




puppytoes said...

scary. i think you should send it back and write across the page:

"yes... it is time to make a change... which is why i'll be voting to get you f*ckers out of office, ASAP!"

angel, jr. said...

Some of those points are valid. But you know, there is only so much self-righteousness a person can take.

Karen said...

puppytoes~ that is exactly what i intend to do except i was thinking of saying "If Liberals hated America, we'd vote Republican"! But i like your version better! {grin}

angel~ it's the insinuation, or as you said, self-righteousness that is nauseating.

Jack K. said...

Ditto for puppytoes.

Why not use both? It's a toss up which is classier. I like them both.

Karen said...

Here's what we (hubby and I) decided to do... we went into word art and did "If Liberals hated America, we'd vote Republican"! diagonally in huge blue lettering. It covered half the page and looked very professional, LOL!

Also, we didn't want to be anonymous so we attached a return address label that my husband had which said: PROTECT THE COURT! www.dscc.org (Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee) with his return address sandwiched in the middle.

puppytoes said...

excellent! (did you take a picture of it? for i'm thinking it would make for a fine addition to this post!)

i'm glad you chose took the high road with your response... it's always best to say "f*ck you" with a touch of class! : D

Karen said...

puppytoes~ what a great idea! unfortunately, i just purchased my first digital camera and haven't learned all the in's and out's yet.

i'm sure we'll be receiving lots more rethug propaganda and by then, i'll have mastered the art of downloading. :-)

The Phoenix said...

Some of those are very rhetorical...

"Do you believe we should destroy evil?"

"Do you believe protecting individuals is important?"

"Is security a vital issue?"


sage said...

...Raising taxes to fund pet projects or finance wasteful spending is wrong?

I find these humorous. I agree with a lot of them, but with few of them do I agree with what they're trying to sell. But the above just amuses me--I suppose we can't complain about Bush raising our taxes (although via raising interest rates, we're paying another way)--so they just spend and spend without taxing which means without any fiscal stablility. I can't see how anyone could call themselves a true fiscal conservative and vote for Republican.

ffff said...

This is such scary bullshit to me! How on earth do you stand it?
Good on you for sending it back.

I just wonder do they ever ever think? Can they actually see their bigoted, repulsive prejudiced selves, ever? Has it ever occurred to them that they are considered evil too?

Thanks for the info Karen..it will probably find its way down here by next elections.