This was in the Talk Back
section of my hometown
paper today...
To all of you Bush supporters complaining
about the price of gasoline: Bush wants you to park your car, shut your mouth,
sit at home and praise him for saving Iraq.

Enough said!



Hale McKay said...

Nuff said!

Karen said...

Was just watchin' Jay Leno. He had a bush impersonator on ... Jay asks him if he has a mandate, and the bushie says: "No, he's just somebody I go bicycle riding with!"

sage said...

Dear Old President Bush... it'd all be funny if it wasn't all so serious

puppytoes said...

f*ck bush... (but you didn't hear that from me) hee hee!

Jack K. said...

You got that right, sage.

You, too, puppytoes.

hale, keep that hammer working.

Karen, saw the Leno bit. That guy they got to do the bush is hilarious, including his shrugs.

Karen said...

jack~ you did a great job of summing up ... ditto everything you said!