From the Flint Journal...

FEELING BETRAYED: Where is the outrage? I'm mad as hell. I'll probably never vote Republican again. Bush lies, spies and now leaks. How dare these wolves in sheep's clothing use our faith to humiliate us? God forgive America.

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Eli Blake said...

I know the feeling.

I've pulled the (R) lever a few times (never for POTUS, but I've voted for a couple of Republican Senators, including Pete Domenici and John McCain in the past, as well as former AZ governor Jane Hull and then on down the line). But I can't do anything but vote a straight party line anymore. Even a liberal Republican is an enabler-- because the first vote they cast in any legislative body is to sustain their leadership, and that vote alone is bad enough to make the rest of anything they do pale in comparison (especially with leaders like Denny Hastert, Tom DeLay, Bill Frist and Rick Santorum). Then on down the line, they enable the policies of this administration to trickle down and hit all of us.

Straight party line vote for me.

The Phoenix said...

Bush "leaks"...I'm sorry I had to laugh at that one.

sabatkes said...

when will all this be over????
i'm moving to canada dammit!

puppytoes said...

sabatkes: we've often considered moving, but then it pisses me off to think the freaking republicans/ultra conservative/ religious right will have this country to themselves. i say we all stick around... get out the vote, and put down this "movement" before it devours us completely!

democrats have a history of sitting back and allowing everyone to "do their thing". i have no problem with letting folks believe what they want to believe, but i am not about to allow them to continue to force their freaking conservative agenda down my throat!

my hope is that more 'n more folks will "see the light", and help make the difference we so desperately need! heck, even my son--who, in his rebellious youth was an ultra conservative republican...and voted for dubya 2X, no less--is focused on cleaning house, in terms of who gets elected next time around! (and thank god for that, otherwise, i'd have to disown him!) : D

Jack K. said...

To add some fuel to the fire you might check out this site, political potpourri.