'Detroit produces top teams in both NBA, NHL'

DETROIT (AP) - Hockeytown or Hoopstown?

Detroit is both.

The top teams at the end of the NBA and NHL

regular seasons are from the same city for the
first time, with the Pistons and Red Wings

combining to pull off the feat for the Motor City...



Eli Blake said...

I guess this is a little different from the September Detroit sports scene:

Lions and Tigers and Beers, Oh My!

The Phoenix said...

How is Detroit baseball? I know they haven't been very good in recent years, but is attendance OK?

I've always seen Detroit as a basketball and hockey town. What's funny is St. Louis is the exact opposite. We're a huge baseball and football town.

Our Blues broke the longest streak of consecutive playoff berths for a professional team with our dismal record this season. The good news is, we might get the #1 pick in the draft.

Karen said...

eli~ I do have *Beers* at my Lions and Tigers games! Ya wanta hear something funny... I have been to Lions and Tigers games but never Pistons and Red Wings... something's wrong with this picture, LOL!

phoenix~ Actually the Tigers are doing fairly well... they started with 5 wins 0 loses and now are 8 wins 7 loses. Sage has asked me a couple times why I don't post them here and I said they need to prove themselves worthy... so far they haven't but we'll see, it's a long season.

btw, the Blues do get the #1 pick!

Eli Blake said...

Somehow, like the rest of America, I watch the Lions once every year, on Thanksgiving. They traditionally come into the game with a record of like, 3-9, which is fitting for a day all about turkeys. Truth be known, I have a bad habit of falling asleep after I eat a lot of turkey, and if for some reason I've still got one eye open, watching the Lions is generally enough to get it shut.